When you started singing, you sounded like such a freaking stud," Shelton gushed. "You're the guy I've been waiting for." ~BLAKE SHELTON (after hearing Gabe, from Strange Theories, sing on NBC's "The Voice”

Strange theories

Four piece rock group from Lafayette, LA, with strong influence from Alternative rock and Pop music; members include Gabe Broussard (vocals & guitar), Stephan Palumbo (bass), Lane Foreman (drums), and Parker Ardoin (vocals & guitar).

Formed in 2015, this quartet boasts powerful vocal melodies, swirling guitar lines and rhythms that are very reminiscent of modern alt-rock bands like The 1975 and Kings of Leon. Even with a steady rock aesthetic in their portfolio, they can quickly find themselves drawing from classic rock, blues and even R&B influences.  

Gabe's voice cuts through each song with memorable lyrics, catchy melodies and a pop sensibility that would garner quick attention for most radio listeners. Strange Theories has built up a loyal following in the South Louisiana region after opening for several national acts, as well as playing for crowds of up to 1,000+, and they now have their eyes set on national aspirations.

Recent releases include No Hard Feelings and Retrospectacles, the latter garnering over 10,000 views on Facebook.  



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